Meaning of Christmas:

Well it’s that crazy time of the year again.

I am really wanting to hear everyone’s thoughts on Christmas.

Your ideals, your true feelings of what it is for you now, today, & really what the true meaning is to you.

I really am not fondly excited for this time of year, it all seems full of greed, chaos & disappointing emotion.

I love giving,

I’ve never been the type, for all the receiving of giftszcsorry,for some reason it.makes me feel awkward.

I feel that the true meaning of this day, well it’s been forgotten, simply turned into wants, Hope’s of getting more materials objects then just being happy for family, friends & our lives we were given.

So here I am wanting to see, all the true gratitude for Christmassz who out there takes the time to really see & live the true meaning of this day, & who celebrates Christmas with there loved ones presents a side!

Let me know your thoughts…

Happy holidays…

Well sorry for the detour.

So I’ll get back to my bargaining soon.

So in my life I’ve always put myself above any limits.

Yes, I have been very Presumptuous throughout my life.

I have grown to learn from that part of my past.

In a way it’s taken alot from me.

I am 37 now, it’s in a way simple, the life I live.

I really am or was doing great, it’s no one’s fault but my own.

I in a way have gone back into this downward spiral.

It’s nothing I feel like sharing at this time, although, in the future I will.

I really hope that there’s a soul out there in this non understanding life.

I really have always hid behind a mask, I know I’m not the only one…

Fort in life moments.

Well for all of you, this is the first of a long journey.

I started as a happy kid, as any childhood might.

I had a premiscuis

Although fun childhood.

I had fun friends, lots of country too explore, also my intrigued younger brother.

I always went head first into everurhing,, I wilts say no fear.

I am one that has the worst in life, although made myself push for self improvement.

I want everyone know, no one is us perfect.

I have had the most overwhelming life, as far as my teen yrs.

I want you all to know, this is for you.

I know all all about hiding, keeping your true self hidden.

I have had nothing but hard times, depression & never letting anyone really know my true self.

I’m heir for you, for the ones that need a friend, inspiration, or a voice to help.

I will throughout my blog, tell you my trials.

So I hope to hear from all of you. .